It has been my dream for several years to build a platform for women to explore in order to find answers and resources they may not be able to find anywhere else. In my lifetime, I have had many occasions for additional training whether it be for life, life/work balance, relationships, faith, health and fitness, finance or outdoor adventure. I believe that we as people are never done learning, growing and striving for new adventures and journeys. I also believe God gave us all our very own unique gifts and talents. Choosing to identify those gifts can be a challenge and a journey as well as they may develop into more goals over time.

Elevate your life… Learn to live at your full potential.

This website will provide a unique mixture of information specifically for the woman wanting to elevate her life. Learn to lead others, learn to lead your family, skills that will help you understand other personality types and styles and how to work with those styles. 

Karin Holder will help you design a

As a professional female advisor, I have been in your shoes. I have felt the guilt, I have struggled with image, family/work expectation and the “mold” we are supposed to fit in.

I have run a successful branch office for many years and been an entrepreneur at the same time — always keeping my family and clients’ best interests at heart. Now I want to help YOU avoid the mistakes I made, so you can design a life you love.

John Maxwell Leadership Team Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach 2017 
John Maxwell DISC Personality Consultant 

Become a top level producer or move to the next level AND live a full life!
Build your confidence.
Be a top earner without the guilt.
Live each day with intention.
Build your confidence.
Overcome self-doubt.
Master body language and your professional image.
Make your best impression.

Leading Women to Christ, Themselves & the Outdoors

I occasionally offer special outdoor events that will help you step out of your comfort zone and try new things such as shooting archery, trap shooting and more. These outdoor events are faith-based and designed to give you time to think, relax and reconnect with your soul and nature. My promise to you is I will use my mistakes, my vulnerability and my successes to help you take your life to the next level. Thank you for being here.

Elevate your soul.