The Ultimate Hunter’s Handbook

By: David & Karin Holder, with Larry Dugger
Paperback, 208 Pages
Harvest House Publishers, August, 2020

By the looks and title of this book, you may be thinking “what does empowering women have to do with hunting?”  

My answer, “Great question!” As I have lived and experienced my life, being out in nature has always been my grounding zone. This is where I feel at peace and at home. In God’s creation. My husband and I have experienced many hunting adventures together, some successful, some not. However my ultimate goal has always been to connect with nature, my spouse and put clean nutrition on my table. 

This book will not only equip you for the hunt but for life. In hunting there is planning, preparation, patience, determination – all traits that are similar in leading a fulfilling life.

In this book you will benefit from decades of experience in the field as well as Karin shares spiritual insights that will deepen your appreciation for the role our Creator plays – not just in the outdoors but in our everyday existence. 
If you want to experience the ultimate in hunting and in life, this handbook will help you achieve it! 

Raised Hunting™: True Stories of Faith, Family and the Adventure of Hunting

By: David Holder, Karin Holder, Larry Dugger
Paperback, 192 Pages
Harvest House Publishers, July 2, 2019

In bow hunting, being at full draw is the height of adventure, the moment when you’re poised to take your best shot. Hunting enthusiasts and popular Discovery Channel personalities David and Karin Holder believe you can live the same way you hunt—at full draw, excited and ready for whatever God has in store for you.

Each chapter is designed to help you take aim spiritually, physically, mentally, and on the hunt. You will go behind the scenes of David and Karin’s television show, Raised Hunting, join them in their thrilling outdoor journeys, and learn how to prepare and cook healthy wild game with easy-to-follow recipes.

This book will help you become a better hunter. But more important, it will help you become a better parent, spouse, friend, and child of God, which is what living at full draw truly means. Discover that real fulfillment is a successful life, not a successful hunt. However, when you can find a way bring those two things together, now you’ve really got something to smile about.