helping other women…

One of Karin’s greatest passions is helping other women be strong, healthy, and successful in their life passion. I feel so incredibly blessed to know Karin and I am excited to see how our relationship grows in the future.


I have become stronger…

In 2018, Karin extended the invitation to join her Bible study group. As I continue my Christian journey through our studies, I have become stronger in my faith and have grown tremendously in my rejuvenated trust for others.

empowered me while guiding me…

Karin’s insight into the vast differences between male and female hunters has empowered me while guiding me to empowering other women. Her knowledge and guidance have made me a stronger hunter who is more confident and self-assured in nature.

guidance, positivity and love…

In the time I have spent with Karin, her guidance, positivity, and love for our Lord have helped me to become stronger, healthier and more blessed than I could have ever imagined.

support and encouragement…

Through Karin’s support and encouragement, I have found my calling to guide other women to mental strength, emotional vigilance, and well-being.

you feel heard…

When you meet Karin, her warm smile is the first thing you notice. She has a way of welcoming you into a conversation where you feel heard, understood and at ease. She truly understands a woman’s need to feel heard.

a trusted advisor…

In 2017, I met Karin through her Women’s Empowerment Camp. Today, I am blessed to call her not only my friend but a trusted advisor.

my business is up…

My business is up 27% year over year and I feel like I’m running my life, not my life running me. Thank you Karin for your coaching and support!

I have moved to the next level…

I was nervous and excited to start being coached in order to get my life and business moving in a more positive direction.  Even though I consider myself successful, I felt if I could get more efficient and intentional my personal and business life would not feel like I was spinning in circles on a daily basis. Karin made me feel warm, comfortable and safe. Like I could share my largest concerns and challenges with her.  I could be vulnerable. Karin helped me find the answers I needed and I have moved to the next level in my business!  

a life-changing event…

Attending your event has been a life-changing event for me. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and built more confidence. Thank you for encouraging me to do more.

Karin has inspired me…

I am SO thankful the Lord brought Karin into my life! What a beautiful, kind, caring, compassionate, driven, and Godly woman! I am honored to say that over the past year and a half, she has become a beacon of light, hope, and determination for me! I have always lived a go, go, go, constantly moving, always busy lifestyle trying to get the next task done. Karin has shown me that everything can still get done that needs to, but you can’t take care of everyone else if you’re pouring from an empty cup yourself. You must take that precious “me time” and make it a priority to fill up your own cup before you can fill up someone else’s. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes!

What a blessing…

What a blessing this event has been for me. It has shown me so much about myself that I did not know and has allowed me to make and maintain lifelong friendships. An enormous thank-you to Karin Holder for the blood, sweat and tears poured into this event.

This is me.

In four short days I learned what my soul already knew. This is me. This is who I am. It is written inside of me. I not only learned more about shooting, hunting and being a provider, but I learned more about walking in faith and helping other women. I had an amazing time at RISE camp (Reach, Inspire, Empower, Support). I appreciate Karin Holder for putting this together and sharing this passion with other women.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone…

This camp has had a huge impact on my life in a very short amount of time. The month before coming to camp had been one of the toughest times in my life with my marriage and kids as well as some other issues.  A few days before camp, I almost cancelled. I prayed about it and the next day a few loose ends were cleaned up that I really needed in order to be able to leave my home and attend this event. I have told so many women about this experience.  I have stepped out of my comfort zone and am opening up to people. I have you and your amazing family to thank for that. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me and attending camp next year.

Karin was just what I needed.

I was honored to have Karin as my coach in 2019. I was newer to my business and have been successfully growing, but I knew I needed some help getting to the next level. Karin was just what I needed. She facilitated so many things for me, from new ways of thinking, to better goal setting, and even becoming significantly more efficient! Through our time working together she would listen, and challenge me in the areas I was struggling. Karin would help me put things in a perspective that worked for me. Through the coaching process my business has grown, but I have grown. This experience has made me a better business woman, leader, wife, mother, and a better ME!