Karin’s Story

Karin Holder

I can offer you workshops, seminars, speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

Karin is a  John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker and published author of two books.

From Nail Technician to multi-six figure income earner, Karin Holder worked her way to being financially secure, independent and living a life she never dreamed possible. Karin has always been known to be bold and direct, maybe to a fault, however it is that drive and determination that has led her to not settle for the status quo. The turning point in her life was in 1999 when her father, who lived in Virginia, passed away from cancer.  As she grieved with her family, Karin was overwhelmed with sadness, worry and financial burden for she was nearly unable to afford a plane ticket back home to Montana. At that very moment Karin decided she was not going to allow financial burdens to preoccupy her mind during life changing events such as this. Karin decided then and there that she was going to make something out of her life, she would make a six figure income and do it within a five year time period. NO EXCUSES. With no college degree, Karin had her hard work, customer service skills and the love of people as her greatest asset. However most important was her Faith and Love for the Lord that she leaned on to carry her through.

Karin came home to Montana, quit her job as a Nail Technician and went looking for a “real” job, with a steady paycheck. Quickly realizing that making the same amount of money every month no matter how hard she worked left her wanting more. Karin found opportunities  until becoming a Financial Advisor in 2004 where she settled into a successful career. Karin felt as though helping people have financial peace and the ability to retire to be very fulfilling. Since then Karin started several businesses, including an outdoor television show called Raised Hunting that airs on Discovery Channel, Raised At Full Draw 501c3 non profit and a real estate holding company.

Karin understands the challenges women face in today’s world as well as the limited thought process that creates a barrier to realizing a person’s full potential. She understands failure, making mistakes, not believing in oneself and not feeling good enough. She also understands that those are all things that can be worked through with effort, intention and guidance.

Karin will work with you in groups or individually to knock those barriers down and create the life you were meant to live.

Karin’s story and passion now is to encourage women across the nation to elevate their life to its full potential through speaking engagements, one on one coaching, coaching by the minute and outdoor adventure. Isn’t it time to write your own story?

Karin Holder Featured on
the Christian Outdoors Podcast

Karin Holder Featured on
She Goes Outdoors Podcast