Jump and build your wings on the way down.

Jump and build your wings on the way down is a common saying and belief system within the John Maxwell team. The first time I heard this I did not fully understand what it meant in relation to business.

When it comes to nature, I fully understand that a mother bird nurtures her chicks, provides food and protection, warmth, and all the things a baby needs. She is wise and knows when it is time to send her little guy out of the nest. Although, I would be willing to bet the chick is not in agreement with her.

Is she didn’t provide the first crucial nudge out of the nest, how would he ever discover how strong and ready to fly he really is.

This is exactly what Mr. Maxwell is saying to us in this specific teaching. He was referring to talking a leap of faith. Taking action even when you’re scared and not ready .

When we are starting a new business, a new adventure, a new fitness goal, a new marriage, a new anything there were always be unknowns and details we do not know how they will turn out. This is very scary and can cause what I refer to is paralysis by analysis. We move into a process of trying to get all of the details in place and everything perfect before we move forward, thinking that this will be our avenue to succeed. Unfortunately this is simply not true.  Yes we need to have a goal, a plan, a focus and discipline to do the work however, we can’t possibly have all of the details figured out. Therefore we need to take action. More than that, we need to take specific action on a consistent basis in order to build our wings on the way down.

Your wings cannot be possibly fully developed at the beginning of any new adventure in fact life itself is a new adventure every day. Aren’t we always building strength and expanding our wings to a new level? I hope so as in building our Wings, we are building and reaching a new level of potential. Of course we can try to accomplish this on our own, or we take action by putting our faith and trust in our heavenly Father and his Son. We keep looking forward, we keep looking up, we don’t look back and we don’t look down for these are too directions that are of no value to us except for the wisdom of what we have learned. Go ahead take that leap of faith, you may be surprised where it leads you!!