Opening Blog

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. 

My goal is to positively impact the lives of women, through the love of Christ, outdoor adventure and personal/professional growth. I chose these three areas because these are some of the ones that make Karin Holder unique. 

When my web-designer asked me to write an opening blog to welcome guests to the website and talk about the purpose and what is to be expected from the site, I got excited about all I wanted to say and share with my guests. As I sat down to put words into some format that made sense, I got stuck… what I wanted to say and what was coming out on paper were two different things. When I say stuck, I mean I stared at my computer for over an hour and only accomplished to string ten words together.

Befuddled, I got up, called to Old Dan (my English lab who I refer to as my third child) to “come”, and we took off down the country road. I needed to clear my head. We walked fast – Dan sniffing every bush and tree, me concentrating on the sounds of nature….the breeze whispering past my ears, leaves rustling, birds singing and squirrels talking. I smile at Dan as he waits for me to catch up, giving me that look of “hurry up.” I’m starting to get some mental clarity now as I walk, as I hear the pitter patter of Dan’s feet and his huffing and puffing. For me to get clear in my head, there is no better way than to connect with nature.  Get outside and clear out the cobwebs is the way my mother has always put it.  Today, connecting with nature means walking in the Wisconsin wilderness. However, this can be a variety of ways. Whether it be walking in a park, bike riding, hiking a mountain, shooting archery or archery hunting, there are a multitude of outdoor adventures that help me to get my mind right. And for me, this time is solitude, time to be quiet and to be with my Creator.

The motivation and purpose for this website came to me on one occasion while attending a celebration of life for one of my clients. I know, that may sound different; however, stick with me. As I walked through looking at all the photos and accomplishments made through this person’s life, I thought, “What mark will I leave behind? What does God want me to do for Him while I am here on the planet?” This is not the first time these thoughts have crossed my mind. However, it is the first time I allowed myself to REALLY think about it. Really dig under the surface and peel back the layers to what mark is being left. As my throat got tight, heart started to beat faster and armpits started to sweat with the uncomfortable feeling and thoughts, the phrase “That’s it?” came to my mind. “That’s it, Karin?” 

“I (God) have given you so many gifts and talents that are unique only to you. So many opportunities and opened so many doors for you. I placed people in your life to help you make a difference and this is all you have done?” 

This “statement” or conversation in my head met with opposition and panic.  Wait, hold on a minute, what do you mean, that’s it? Now, I know some truths. God is full of grace and I am a dearly loved child of God. God made me in His image, so I believe this is a loving question He is asking in order to help me pinpoint my purpose in order to glorify Him. Lord, what is it you want me to do?  I’ve been married to one man for 27 years, I have raised two responsible young men who are caring and loving, I have served and sacrificed for my financial clients in order to help them build a retirement nest egg, I have shared much of my life publicly on a national outdoor television show as well as my faith. What more do you want?

The other side of me was thinking, you’re right, God. I have done some things in my life, but have I really pushed to do all that I could? I may have experienced some of life’s ups and downs in my life, but have I used them to glorify you?  Have I left a positive impact on others and added value to them? Have I helped them deal with or overcome some of life’s challenges, or have I been consumed in my own self and own success?  ,Have I been too afraid to step out of my “comfort zone” and to take a risk to do something else? What more do you want, Lord?

This website is designed for that MORE. To encourage women to take action on the “more” they are looking for to fulfill their lives. I will use my mistakes and successes, as raw and ugly as some of them may be, in order to elevate the lives of the women who visit this sight. I will offer leadership classes through my certification with the John Maxwell Team as well as behavior analysis consulting and interpretation. We will offer outdoor adventure coupled with theme retreats to gain a better knowledge of Christ, individual business and personal development coaching.  

Whether you’re looking for encouragement, inspiration, ideas, tools or helpful tips for everyday life, this is the place for you.