Faith & Pheasants Women’s Retreat

Encouraging Women Through the Power of the Outdoors

Experiencing nature provides something deep in the soul. A connection, a peace, a fulfillment, one that’s hard to explain and must be felt.

Karin believes a woman’s life is like a river.

Sometimes she is calm and flowing peacefully, sometimes she is crashing over and around rocks and logs.  She continues to navigate her way through many seasons, not knowing where the flow of the river will take her but knowing it has the strength to carry her through.

The river continues to flow and give life, sometimes with more vigor than others even when she thinks she can’t, when the water levels are so low it barely creeps.  This woman, the river, is beautiful, powerful, resilient, graceful and full of love.  If she only knew her influence, what could she do?

Entering into our fourth year of Faith & Pheasants, women gather in the open plains of Nebraska to discover where their river might lead them.  We do this through outdoor adventure, spiritual exercises in small groups and individually and through the hunt for pheasant. We Take on challenges and unknown paths to build self-discovery as well as experience God’s creation. 

Fresh air, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are the perfect backdrop for filling our souls with peace, positivity, confidence, and encouragement to take on our everyday lives upon arriving home.

The retreat begins with building our knowledge of the equipment we will be using and honing in our shooting skills by practicing by shooting clays. Some women had no experience or little experience shooting, however the trained professionals at Clear Creek Upland Game Lodge teach safety, proper form, and technique. Every women will be hitting clay pigeons in no time at all! 

Next, and one of my favorite parts of the weekend is watching and learning how dogs are used on the hunt.  The relationship between Dog Handlers and highly trained bird dogs is something every person should experience.

Although many are nervous about the retreat and what it will be like, it doesn’t take long before new lifelong friendships were created, laugher echoed through the plains and confidence exploded through the roof.

“Being in nature is a healing, soul-building experience and one that returns a woman to her center of being,” says Holly Gillett, one of the retreat participants.

“I am not a hunter and I am a Vegan,”
says Lori Nordstrom-Snyder… 

…“However, I understand what hunting is about better than before and now I want to learn to shoot clays too! This is a refreshing retreat for all women who want to get away from their normal every day responsibilities and try something completely different.”

Like a river, new discoveries and pathways will be uncovered about yourself, the outdoors and of course about their faith as we reflected and were grateful for the blessings that we received. 

This weekend retreat is a life changing event for women.

Mark your calendar for September 30-October 2, 2022.

More information can also be obtained by emailing

  • Women’s Retreat: $950/Hunters, $450 Non-Hunters (Paid Upon Registration)
  • Time: Noon Friday til Noon Sunday
  • Where: Clear Creek Upland Game Lodge, Barlett, NE
  • ALL Skill Levels Welcome; must be 21 to attend.
  • Retreat includes the following:
    • Two Nights Lodging
    • All meals and refreshments
    • Professional guides and trained dogs
    • Bird cleaning and prep to take meat home
    • Gun safety and instruction
    • Blue rock shooting (trap shooting)
  • Not included:
    • Travel cost to and from event